Sunni Puric’s Inspiring Journey From Bosnia to WHUR 96.3 in the United States

Sunni Puric

About Sunni Puric

Sunni Puric aka “Sunni and the City” works as an on-air host at WHUR 96.3 FM HD1. As the name suggests, Sunni brings laughter to her audience and she has a good relationship with her listeners. She is best known as the voice that keeps WHUR listeners glued to the radio, but her amazing and inspiring journeyΒ is what we have covered in this article.

WHUR’s schedule is packed and when her show commences at 10 a.m., her aura is felt in the airwaves. Sunni is pursuing one of the best careers in the country and it is clear that she is becoming a pioneer in this industry.

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Sunni Puric is Also an Author

Her book titled; β€œStill I Shine,” tells the story ofΒ her journey from refugee camps to the rise of radio and television. She claims that she wants to keep advocating forΒ philanthropy through her radio platform.

Sunni Puric Ethnicity

Puric is of European descent. She moved from Bosnia and Herzegovina and settled in the United States. Nonetheless, Sunni holds American nationality.

Sunni Puric Net Worth

Puric’s net worth is estimated to be in the region of $500,000 – $990,000. Sunni has built a sustainable livelihood thanks to her career as a radio journalist.

From Bosnia To USA: The Inspiring Journey of Sunni Puric

Puric was born in the Bosnian town of Donji Purici where she also spent her first nine years of childhood with her family. She relocated to the USA but she had to deal with one problem which is the language barrier. She only knew how to speak Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian.

As soon as she landed in the States, she joined ESL classes with other immigrants. ESL are classes that are set aside for immigrants who can’t speak English so they are put there to learn and understand the language.

Sunni Puric
Sunni and her colleague

Sunni, a brave girl was not relying on school programs. She started watching television shows and this helped her to understand the language even better. Eventually, she understood the whole language but she spoke it withΒ a strong Bosnian accent.

By the time she was in her senior year, she still didn’t know what type of career she wanted to pursue since she had spent so much time trying to fit in rather than finding a way to stand out.

Broadcasting came naturally to her and as years of practice started to pay off, she was able to secure a part-time on-air job in one of Detroit’s top 10 markets. Sunni rose to prominence in radio between 2002 and 2009, prior to Clear Channel’s acquisition in 2009 and the ensuing wave of widespread layoffs.

Sunni takes pride in realizing that all of her accomplishments have been made possible by a positive outlook and a strict dedication to excellence in a field where a woman at the top is constantly under scrutiny for her progress.

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Is Sunni Puric From WHUR Married?

Sunni has not disclosed her marital status up until this point. However, it is generally assumed that she is still single. We went through her social media pages in an effort to find her husband but the results we got fell short of what we were hoping for.

How Tall is Sunni Puric?

Sunni stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches.

What is Sunni in the city’s real name?

Sunni’s real name is Vildana Puric. She was given the name “SunShyne” because of her cheerful nature. She ended up changing the name SunShyne to Sunni when she started working on air.

Sunni Puric Social Media

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