Who is Eric Harley From Red Eye Radio?

Eric Harley

About Eric Harley

Eric Harley is a radio personality from the United States. He co-hosts the famous talk show Red Eye Radio with Gary McNamara. The genesis of the program may be traced back to Bill Mack’s nighttime truck show in 1969.

The show airs for five hours from midnight until five in the morning Central Time. Harley and McNamara mainly talk about political issues with a particular emphasis on libertarian and conservative views. Although the program is accessible all seven days of the week, the “best of” program often airs on the weekends.

Eric and McNamara are not newcomers to midnight radio. In fact, in the past, they hosted their program, The Midnight Radio Network, which captivated listeners all across the country at that time.

As a talk radio host, McNamara has worked at WROK, WLS in Chicago, and WBAP in Dallas, where he worked as an afternoon drive host.

The Midnight Radio Network, which developed an avid fan base among late-night radio listeners, was co-hosted by McNamara and broadcaster and legend of the trucking industry Eric Harley in 2005 by the Dallas outlet.

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Eric Harley Age

Harley has not shared his birth details. Keep checking because we shall update this section as we learn more about him.

Eric Harley’s Father Served in Two Foreign Wars

Eric has an extremely high preference and respect for those who serve in the military considering the fact that he grew up as the son of former military personnel. His father served in two foreign wars. He supports organizations such as The Coalition To Salute America’s Heroes and others.

Eric is glad for the ability to speak openly for his livelihood and is an outspoken advocate of freedom for all Americans. As an avid runner, he enjoys clearing his mind on the road first thing in the morning.

Eric Harley is a Married Man

Harley is married to his lovely wife. However, he has kept the identity of his wife away from the public. However, we are certain that he and his wife have children together. More importantly, Eric is a dedicated husband and father, who enjoys nothing more than spending time with his family.

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Eric Harley’s Career in Radio

Harley has worked in the radio industry for almost thirty years. His eloquence and intellectual ability have amused listeners across the United States. Eric worked as a creative director for 94.5 The Edge (KDGE) in Dallas during the Alternative Format boom of the 1990s.

He attracted national attention as anchor of the Pure Gold Oldies format for ABC Radio Networks in 1996. Eric joined the team in 1996 to co-host the program as soon as The Midnight Radio Network was launched nationally.

Eric performed double duty from 2000 to 2009 by contributing his skills to the WBAP Morning News With Hal Jay as the voice actor and writer for a large number of many notable characters of the show.

Gary teamed up with Eric on MRN in the summer of 2005, and they took over Red Eye Radio in 2012. They went on to launch an overnight show that could be heard by more than 150 stations.

Eric Harley’s Salary & Net Worth

Harley earns an average salary of $85,445. He hosts a popular talk show titled Red Eye Radio alongside Gary McNamara. His net worth is estimated to be roughly $1.8 million. Eric has been able to build his wealth through his career which spans over twenty years.

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