Who is WBAP’s Hal Jay? Age, Wife, Son, Heart Attack, Transplant, Net Worth

Hal Jay

About Hal Jay

Hal Jay is an American radio journalist. He works as the host of the WBAP Morning News, which airs from 5 to 9 a.m. When it comes to radio, Jay exhibits the most distinctive voice in Metroplex or perhaps it’s just his laugh.

Yes, the laugh without a doubt has a similar sound to the air compressor hoses you use at the gas station. You might even think someone had just ruptured a snow tire when he gets tickled to the point of pain.

But the best thing about that laugh is that it has been on WBAP for everyone to hear for nearly 35 years as of February 2023. Recounting some of the many stories that resulted from his profession is the finest way to celebrate it.

Hal Jay Height

Hal’s height of 6 feet 6 inches is what really sets him apart from other people. He is one of the few people who, when entering a room, not only stands out but also immediately improves everyone’s mood.

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Hal Jay Age

Jay is 70 years old as of 2023. He was born on April 19, 1953, in Fort Worth, Texas, United States.

Age (2023) Age (2024)
70 years old 71 years old

Hal Jay Wife

Jay and the love of his life, Ann Jolly Harbuck have been together in marriage for many years. They tied the knot in 1973, and he took a job with a radio station in Memphis, Tenn.

One of their memorable events happened one morning when Hal accidentally picked up Ann’s car keys on the way to the station. He promised to bring them back immediately because she had an early morning appointment that day.

Hal Jay
Jay and his wife

Ann waited until she heard a loud commotion coming from outside the home in the living room. She ran outside and found out that a helicopter was hovering over the home at a distance of under 100.

The car keys were thrown into the swimming pool as Dick Seigel grinned at her and extended his left hand. Ann’s right hand had a finger that was noticeably more prominent than the others, contrary to what Dick had always assumed.

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Hal Jay Heart Attack / Transplant

Jay had been away from his daily work since January 10, 2023, when he collapsed at home due to an abnormal cardiac rhythm, also known as ventricular tachycardia.

On January 24, 2023, he experienced another incident at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas and was placed on a heart transplant waiting list.

Normally, the month of April is National Donate Life Month, and Jay understands the importance of organ donation. So in April 2023, he underwent a heart transplant and got an entirely fresh perspective on life.

His heart was in horrible shape, according to the healthcare professionals, and he required a transplant immediately. “There was a time when I knew I was going to die,” Jay said.

He was in the hospital for a period of over thirty days, while his fans of more than 40 years expressed their support by posting notes on message boards.

Jay has one message for all of us, Be an organ donor. He said; “You’ll make a difference for another family if you can do that. Knowing that a part of the person you care about is still alive and supporting another family, even though I don’t like to say it, think about helping your family.”

There are also some habits he’ll change from now henceforth. “Diet is first and second, I won’t work out.” He said. He added that he would like to meet the recipient’s family just to say a big “Thank You”.

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What Happened To Hal Jay’s Son?

Jay’s son Joshua Harbuck lost his life in January 2017 after he lost control of his pickup and crashed on a wet road in Erath County. He left behind a lovely wife named Emery and two adorable children named Hudson and Harper.

Hal Jay’s Net Worth

Jay has worked in mainstream media for many years and there is no doubt that he has created a stable source of income for a sustainable livelihood. However, there are no exact digits to illustrate his wealth. Keep hovering because we shall reveal his net worth as we learn more.

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