Dana Cortez Husband, Age, Height, Ethnicity, College, Net Worth

Dana Cortez

About Dana Cortez

Dana Cortez is an American radio personality. She is well-known as the host of “The Dana Cortez Show”, the first Latina lead syndicated Morning Show in the United States.

She is a strategist and is excellent at maximizing ratings. Dana knows the value of an increasing market share and how to maintain the position of a station once it has been attained.

She is not only striving in a field dominated by men but she’s also breaking barriers in other ways. She is paving the way so that other women can follow in her footsteps and sincerely hopes to encourage others to never give up.

Dana Cortez Age

Dana has not revealed her exact age. All we know for sure is that she celebrates her birthday on the 24th of May every year.

Dana Cortez Height

Cortez stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches.

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Dana Cortez  Education / College

Dana is a student of “Hard Knocks”.This phrase is often used by people who want to affirm that life experience has given them a level of wisdom that is at least comparable to academic knowledge.

It is a possible answer to the question about education, especially if the person in question lacks a strong formal education and instead has a wealth of life experiences that should be appreciated.

Dana Cortez Husband

Cortez and her husband, Dj Automatic were meant to be together and there is no other way to put this statement. They are not only a couple, they are best friends, workmates, and soulmates.

The younger audience of the show is drawn to DJ Automatic. He frequently acts as a go-between for Dana and Auto and injects humor into serious topics.

Dana Cortez Ethnicity

Cortez identifies herself on her Instagram page as an Indigenous Chicana. She is of Latina heritage.

Dana Cortez’s Net Worth

Cortez has an estimated net worth of $2 million. She generates her income from her career as a radio talk show host.

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The Dana Cortez Show

Dana is always doing research in order to perfect her skills and keep up with the latest trends. She is the target audience, so she is aware of who they are as well as what they consume, watch, and listen to.

She co-stars with her husband, DJ Automatic, as well as their buddy and comedian Anthony.

After the success of the show in August 2018, she became one of the very first Latinas to have her radio show nationally syndicated. Cortez on 98.5 made its debut in San Antonio in November 2015.

The show quickly gained a lot of popularity because of the trio’s frequent discussions on topics ranging from relationships to music and their “Down in the DMs” segment, which uncovered potential online infidelities.

Off-air, Cortez established connections between San Antonio and hitmakers like Chance the Rapper, Saweetie, Post Malone, Migos, and others.

How Many Children Does Dana Have?

Dana rarely shares her personal details with the public. What we are certain of is that she has a daughter.

What is DJ Automatic’s real name?

DJ Automatic was born Merritt Rieland.

Dana Cortez Social Media

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