Who is Roula Christie? Husband, Age, Kids, Heritage, Salary, Net Worth

Roula Christie

About Roula Christie

Roula Christie is an on-air morning show host at Cumulus Media Broadcasting. She has been hosting “The Roula and Ryan Show” one of the most-listened-to morning shows in Texas since July 2006.

She also hosts Weekends with Roula, a three-hour-long weekend-syndicated radio program that is heard on more than 50 radio stations nationwide, including KRBE-FM in Houston and WWWQ-FM in Atlanta.

The program encourages listeners to find joy in the chaos of balancing jobs and family, which makes the program lively and inspirational. She combines humorous talks between her kids and her mother with pop culture and celebrity news.

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Roula Christie Education

Christie enrolled at Southern Methodist University in 1993. Her career plans changed completely soon after she discovered radio during her first year in Dallas and decided to return to Houston in order to take advantage of the business ties she had made there. In 1998, Roula graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Arts in Radio and Television Film.

Roula Christie Height

Christie stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Roula Christie Met Her Husband on a Blind Date

Roula met her husband Tasos Kostas on a blind date in 2008 and married the following year, in 2009. They are blessed with three children; a son named Matthew James and two daughters namely; Alexandra and Eleni.

The couple has been together through thick and thin for instance, getting married and having kids as well as dealing with the loss of her father and surviving natural disasters. Christie and her husband celebrated their 14-year wedding anniversary in 2023.

Roula Christie Wedding

Christie and her husband had the wedding of their dreams. In terms of weddings, and other top-related events, Roula is a big lover of showcasing off Houston’s best to guests

For example, Shipley’s Do-Nuts were served at her own ceremony along with welcome bags that honored her favorite Houston landmarks. These treats were freshly delivered to hotel rooms of out-of-town visitors the morning of the wedding.

“Make your wedding special in whatever way you decide”, Roula advises. “Give them a bit of insight into who you are as a couple by showcasing the cute small things that you and the man of your dreams enjoy doing.”

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Roula Christie: “The Roula and Ryan Show”

Christie was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Her parents are Greek immigrants who migrated to Houston from Tripoli, Greece in the 1950s. She is the fourth of five children in her family. She speaks Greek with ease and can get a lot done by talking all through.

Roula Christie
Roula and her colleagues

In case you didn’t know, the oldest restaurant in Houston, “Christie’s Seafood & Steaks”, is owned by her family and has been in operation for the last 103 years.

The chance to learn about radio presented itself as she was working to put herself through school, serving customers, and basically running “Christie’s Seafood & Steaks” with her family.

She used to bring meals to a radio station and it happened that one day she was allowed to enter the studio to see the night DJ perform. The Dj was named Paul “Cubby” Bryant, and he was the one who ignited her passion for radio. That evening, Roula made the decision to pursue a career in radio.

She eventually switched her major from hospitality in restaurants to radio and television and she landed a job at KRBE. In fact, she started her broadcasting career there.

She served as “the phone girl” for two years, and as time went by, she was given the opportunity to go on television, and she has since never looked back. Roula was given the opportunity to work for Philadelphia’s Q102 Radio for the morning shift after five incredible years at KRBE.

She enjoyed three successful years as the host of the Q102 morning show. She enjoyed herself greatly while it lasted and thought that living in Philadelphia was truly an experience.

Roula took the opportunity and never looked back because, as chance would have it, Houston came calling for her to return home. In 2003, she began airing “The Roula and Ryan Show”. She has been playing on the radio for almost her whole adult life.

We can tell that Roula genuinely enjoys the work she does every single day. She completely understands how the listeners are experiencing life’s challenges. It’s very humbling and satisfying to know that she makes it easier for people to get out of bed and go through their days with smiles on their faces.

She is passionate about families and making others feel included in them. She seems to hear about someone new on the radio every day who inspires, shocks, and pushes her.

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Roula Christie’s Salary & Net Worth

Christie earns an average salary of $98,738. She works as a radio host at KRBE-FM/Houston. Her net worth is estimated to be between $1 million – $5 million.

Where is Roula Christie?

Christie is a native of Texas. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas, United States.

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