Who is The Controversial Manosphere Podcaster, Myron Gaines?

Myron Gaines

About Myron Gaines

Myron Gaines is an American YouTube vlogger and co-host of the Fresh and Fit podcast, which positions itself as the world’s number-one men’s podcast. Gaines, also known as Fit, speaks with men on topics ranging from fitness to finance, sex to a sober lifestyle.

He believes his podcast corrects the anti-feminist and anti-social justice propaganda that focuses on masculinity, fitness, and finances.

Myron highlights unethical views with regard to race, gender, and the system of power in segments like the video titled; “THE TRUTH ABOUT DATING IN 2022,” which was uploaded in June 2022. He also uses his platform to encourage males to feel more secure in their own bodies and personal space.

Myron Gaines’ Real Name

His real name is Amrou Fudl. If you saw that coming, raise your hand. You didn’t? Well, you’re not alone. I bet now you know, he actually uses Myron Gaines as his professional name.

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Myron Gaines Was Born in Connecticut

Gaines is 33 years old as of 2023. He was born on February 1, 1990, in New Britain, Connecticut, United States. His father came to the United States as a poor man and worked his way up according to him, while his mother, who is from Sudan, was a stay-at-home mom. Myron is a native of Connecticut.

Age (2023) Age (2024)
33 years old 34 years old

Myron Gaines Wife

This topic is still an open debate. This is because he rarely talks about his marriage life. We scrolled through his social media pages in an effort to find his wife but the results we got were not what we were hoping for.

He doesn’t appear to have other relationships outside of his brotherly network of fitness experts, based on the few postings to his own personal accounts.

Myron Gaines Education

Gaines enrolled at Northwestern University before stepping into the manosphere, where he studied criminal law and was a member of the university’s rowing team.

Soon after graduating, he worked as a special agent with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in both Laredo, Texas, and Miami, Florida (the F&F studio has its headquarters in Miami).

Myron stepped down from the job in 2020. He shifted his focus to fitness, entrepreneurship, and podcaster renowned for expressing polarizing ideas such as “I think a woman having an Instagram is 100% cheating.”

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Myron Gaines | The Fresh and Fit podcast

Myron Gaines, co-host of the Fresh and Fit podcast, which describes itself as the No. 1 men’s podcast in the world, is one who is stirring uproar despite having just 249K Instagram followers compared to Andrew Tate’s 4.6 million before Tate was banned.

He is an outspoken pioneer of the Red Pill concept, which pushes men to face the truths about the modern dating and mating landscape. “If you are in a serious relationship with a girl, she should not have an Instagram account because that’s cheating,” he said, equating it to a woman wearing a “for sale’ sign around her neck.”

Gaines advised men against falling in love earlier this year in an interview with Chian Reynolds he said; “You’ll start to lose ground and you start to lose that rational thought. Men love women in an idealistic way but women will love you just to benefit from something.”

His LinkedIn bio states that he helps men transform from simps into PIMPS” by providing “uncomfortable truths.” He claims in his book “Why Women Deserve Less,” released earlier this year, that “the relationship between most men and women throughout all of history has been transactional. Prostitution has been the case. All guys are John. Every woman is a whore.”

He frequently advises his male followers to “smash” (sleep with) as many women as they can, or to “exaggerate” things in their relationships, such as the number of women they’ve had sex with. He also supports dating several women at once.

Gaines often cautions men against getting into a relationship with single mothers, just like Tate, who frequently guest-stars on the Fresh and Fit podcast.

“When a woman has a child,” he explained on one podcast session, “there is no benefit or any meaning for you as a guy going in and taking care of that child. The stepdaddy game is an L [loss] for most guys.”

Sadia Khan, a relationship specialist, and psychotherapist who challenged Andrew Tate last year, said of Gaines, “The advice that he gives is intended for men who have faced extreme failure in life and, as a side effect, developed a resentment for women as a way to safeguard their own ego. We will not be harmed if we reject the very thing we feel we are incapable of getting.”

Sadia continued by saying; “He tells men how to substitute what draws them to women with games and tricks rather than teaching them how to be more appealing as individuals. Though it could get you laid, doing this will definitely result in you only attracting very troubled and damaged women.”

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Myron Gaines Religion

Gaines, a devout Muslim like Tate, believes in the Islamic practice of calling for women to cover their bodies in order to protect a woman’s modesty by protecting them from the dark side of male sexuality.

Myron Gaines Net Worth

Myron has an estimated net worth of $500,000. He is a YouTube vlogger and co-host of the Fresh and Fit podcast.

Myron Gaines Social Media

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