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Myron Golden

About Myron Golden

Myron Golden is an American YouTuber, best-selling author, public speaker, and marketing strategist. Being in great demand, Myron has over 27 years of knowledge and experience as a speaker and trainer in the fields of sales, marketing, company development, and financial literacy.

He is one of the few persons who can help you in case you are a business owner who is committed to developing your company steadily.

Myron Golden Height

Golden stands at an average height of 5 feet 10 inches.

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Myron Golden Age

Golden is currently 61 years old. He was born on May 14, 1961, in an isolated hospital in Tampa, Florida, United States.

Age (2022) Age (2023)
61 years old 62 years old

Myron Golden Education

Golden holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Howard University.

Myron Golden Wife | Daughter

Golden is married to Chevaunne Ingrid Powell. The couple will mark their 20-year anniversary in 2023. Golden and his wife tied the knot on August 7, 1993. However, he has a daughter named Malaika Solande with his first wife.

Myron Golden’s Net Worth

Golden has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million. He makes money from his career as a YouTuber, public speaker, marketing consultant, and best-selling author.

At a Glance;

– Not only is Myron Golden an excellent local business consultant, but he is also a frequent speaker on the topics of sales marketing as well as company growth.
– One of his strengths is the ability to turn millionaires into multimillionaires, and his preferred method is a leap jump.
– His best-selling book “From the Trash Man to the Cash Man” has helped hundreds of people in changing their life.
– His parents are Joseph Ely (father) and Erma Nell Golden (mother).
– Myron was initially married to Gwendolyn Inman Bethea with whom he had a daughter named Malaika Solande. Sadly, Gwendolyn passed away in November 1978.
– Myron lives with his current wife, Chevaunne Ingrid Powell in sunny Land O’ Lakes, Florida.

Myron Golden Health

Golden is aware of how to overcome difficulties. He was born with polio and has spent his entire life walking with a metal brace on his leg.

Despite wearing a leg brace, Myron used the code of conduct he learned from his parents to earn a black belt in martial arts.

Myron Golden Career Breakdown

Myron Golden is a business coach, entrepreneur, and author based in the Tampa, FL area. Whenever he speaks at Mastermind events across the country he uses the techniques he describes in his “Make More Offers Challenge” seminars.

He uses these techniques to share how his journey started from sanitation worker to CEO of more than a dozen multimillion-dollar businesses.

Myron is the author of several books about financial and business matters, and he has helped his clients to set up businesses that bring in up to $10 million in income annually.

His work is centered on biblical concepts that are not usually taught. He says; “Most of us have been told that it’s wrong to pursue wealth but where in the bible does it say that?”

Golden likes to use King Solomon as an example. He says; “King Solomon was a mentor to his predecessors and a gifted communicator who showed people in business how to do it better. He was the King of consistent cash flow, and that’s what I teach people.”

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Myron Golden Books

– From the Trash Man to the Cash Man: How Anyone Can Get Rich Starting from Anywhere
– B.O.S.S. Moves: Business Mastery Secrets from a Million Dollar Round Table
– Click and Order for Brick and Mortar: Online Strategies for Offline Market Domination
– The Money Of Compound Business Growth: Online Strategies For Offline Market Domination
– The Ebony Treasure Map: The Roadmap to Riches for African Americans

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