Where is Francesca Amiker Now? Age, Husband, Education

Francesca Amiker

About Francesca Amiker

Francesca Amiker is a correspondent at E! News. Before joining E! News, Amiker worked as a Morning Entertainment Anchor at 11 Alive News (NBC Atlanta) From September 2017 to November 2021.

Francesca is not your usual journalist, she loves her job. No we mean she REALLY loves her job. Believe it or not, within a year of joining 11 Alive News, the viewership of their broadcast doubled.

11Alive enjoyed rising numbers of younger viewers for the first time in its history. Well, that is not enough, but that is the impact that Francesca brings to the table. She also started “The A-Scene”, within a year of joining 11Alive and this happened to be the first-ever entertainment segment of the station.

The A-Scene quickly rose to prominence as Georgia’s go-to source for everything related to entertainment, including information on casting calls and behind-the-scenes access to film productions. Let’s find out more about her personal life and career journey.

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Francesca Amiker Education

Amiker graduated from Chamblee High School and then went on to Vanderbilt University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies. She started sharpening her journalism skills at Vanderbilt University.

Amiker joined a new college television station, which changed the course of her life. She hosted a show called “Francesca in the City,” which covered art exhibits and performances at the Bluebird Cafe. This was one of her most important projects at the time.

Francesca Amiker Was Born in Georgia

Amiker was born on the 16th of May, 1990, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Talking of her height, the Atlanta native stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Where is Francesca Amiker Now?

It always feels nice to get what you have been praying for and working hard for, especially after waiting for a long period. Putting in lots of hard work and coming out as a winner makes it even more sweeter. Amiker can testify to this.

She is currently employed at E! News and it’s evident that she is doing her dream job. Her patience was tested when she contacted E! News several times over the years with no response. Francesca does not believe in giving up, she persists till she finds her way.

Francesca Amiker
Amiker at E! News

In 2017, she persuaded a mailman at E! to drop a box on an executive producer’s desk with her résumé and a coffee mug with a statement that reads; “Hope to be the caffeine your team needs.”

She didn’t get any response until late 2021. Everything aligned and her position at E! News was waiting for her. Amiker said that 11Alive had prepared her for bigger goals by helping her establish her credibility in Hollywood when the moment (to join E! News) finally came.

Upon joining E! News, she said; “E! has always been in my blood. This moment means everything to me. I feel so privileged, honored, humbled, and grateful to be here.”

Francesca first became a fan of E! News several years ago, when Giuliana Rancic and Ryan Seacrest were just getting their start with the network. She had already made a name for herself as one of Georgia’s top journalists before joining E! News.

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How Old is Francesca Amiker?

Amiker is 33 years old as of 2023. She was born on May 16, 1990, in Georgia, USA.

Is Francesca Amiker Married?

There is a lot of Google search inquiring about her marital status. She has not revealed her boyfriend or husband so it is generally assumed that she is single. She likes posting her photos on her Instagram account but hey, there is not a single photo of her boyfriend.

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