Who is Dion Rome? Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Heritage

Dion Rome

About “All the Queen’s Men” star, Dion Rome

Dion Rome is an American actor. He is perhaps best known for his appearances as “Dion” in the inspirational film “One Heart” (2013) and the street-crazed villain “Rue” in the drama film “Lady Luck” (2017).

In the early stages of his career, Dion moved to six different places in search of stability. Eventually, acting coaches Natalia Livingston in Atlanta, Georgia, and Lora Cunningham in Albuquerque, New Mexico, took him under their wing.

As time went by, Dion moved to Los Angeles, California, to concentrate solely on acting. He took two rounds of screen testing for the CBS Daytime Soap Opera “The Young and The Restless,” which was one of his first nearly significant lead break-out roles in his career.

Dion is not just an actor. He is also an active tech enthusiast who discovered his dancing talent and embraced it. His tech passion helps him in funding his technological ambitions.

Dion Rome Height

Rome is a tall man. He stands at an average height of 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 m).

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Dion Rome Age / Real Name

The American actor was born Dion George Kearney in Elizabeth, New Jersey, United States. He uses Dion Rome as his stage name.

Dion Rome Parents / Siblings

Rome’s parents are from two different backgrounds. His father, Teodoro Kerney is a Puerto Rican barber in Newark, New Jersey. His mother (Joanny Taylor) on the other hand is a Nicaraguan.

Dion’s parents separated when he was still a young boy and he was subsequently raised by his grandma, Ruth Johnson.

He has four younger brothers, five sisters, and an older brother named Antione. Sadly, his grandmother passed away on the same day that he was supposed to celebrate his birthday in March 2019.

Dion Rome Heritage

Rome comes from a mixed ethnic background. He is of Nicaraguan, Irish, and Puerto Rican descent.

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Dion Rome’s Role in “All the Queen’s Men”

Rome, who had previously worked in the adult entertainment business, ended up choosing to put his faith first and let God do the work.

He is among the cast of the popular new BET+ series All The Queen’s Men, and fans all around the world are gushing about the handsome man gracing our screens. He plays the role of El Fuego in All The Queen’s Men.

Dion Rome

Dion believes that he and El Fuego are very authentic to themselves. He says;

“We’re real with our peers. There is no mask or costume that is put on. We defend what we believe in, more so than anything. We don’t let anything define us or make the best of us. El Fuego dreams that dancing is not the only thing he does for a living. Even though he is confident in his abilities, he sticks to his plan.”

He continues by saying; “I think my life serves that purpose. It came from God. I travel in the direction of my destination while walking in the promise He has given me to receive. I definitely notice a lot of similarities between El Fuego and myself. When I enter a room, I smile because I enjoy life. I like shining a light on others around me, therefore I can definitely see many of the similarities between us.”

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Dion Rome’s Wife and Religion

Rome is a married man. He and his wife, who had previously worked in the field of adult entertainment, have changed their life and want to demonstrate to others how you can still be fashionable and follow Christ.

Despite the fact that they are both extremely young and his career is thriving, he upholds his beliefs and values. Since he is so dedicated to his new way of life, he has chosen not to participate in any scenes that involve sex or nudity or to adhere strictly to his faith.

Despite having a difficult past, he followed his faith and moved to Los Angeles to seek a career in entertainment. He was able to achieve his goals through perseverance, hard effort, and faith.

Dion Rome’s Net Worth

Rome’s net worth is roughly $1.5 million. He generates his income from his career as an actor. He also makes money from brand deals and endorsements.

Dion Rome Social Media

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