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About Daryl Sabara

Daryl Sabara is an American actor. He is widely known for his role as Juni Cortez in the Spy Kids movie series as well as his appearance in a variety of other television and movie roles, some of which we have already mentioned in this article.

Daryl started acting in the middle of the 1990s after he made appearances on episodes of Murphy Brown, Life’s Work, Friends, and Will and Grace.

He was then chosen to play Juni Cortez in the Spy Kids film series, a family-friendly series that quickly gained popularity among pre-teen audiences.

Daryl Sabara Height

Sabara stands at a height of 5 feet 9½ inches (1.77 m).

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Daryl Sabara Age

Sabara is currently 30 years old. He was born on June 14, 1992, in Torrance, California, USA.

Age (2022) Age (2023)
31 years old 32 years old

Daryl Sabara Wife

Daryl and Meghan Trainor started dating in July 2016 and as time went by, they fell deeply in love. He proposed to her on December 21, 2017, and they hosted their wedding on December 22, 2018, which also happened to be Trainor’s 25th birthday.

The newly married couple went for what Trainor called a “familymoon” rather than the usual honeymoon. The couple went on holiday in the tropics in Bora Bora with Ryan Trainor, Ryan’s brother, and his female friend.

They made the official announcement that the newborn they were expecting would be a boy on October 7, 2020. Trainor gave birth to their son on February 8, 2021.

Trainor and Sabara made the announcement that they were expecting a second child together in January 2023. On April 25, 2023, Trainor and Sabara revealed the gender of their second child on the Kelly Clarkson Show.

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Daryl Sabara’s Net Worth

Sabara has a net worth of $5 million. He has built his wealth from his media ventures.

At a Glance;

  • Sabara started his career as a dancer with South Bay Ballet, a local ballet group.
  • In 2010, he received his high school diploma from West Torrance.
  • Daryl was a straight-A student!
  • Evan, his fraternal twin brother, is a voice actor just like him. The brothers, who are largely of Russian-Jewish ancestry, celebrated their combined Bar Mitzvah at the age of 13.
  • Daryl is one minute older than his twin brother Evan Sabara.
  • Daryl and his wife met at a house party in Los Angeles and fell in love after a double date that included bowling, karaoke, and kissing.
  • A number of critics have described Trainor as an anti-feminist who seeks self-worth based on the opinion of men.
  • Sabara stood by Trainor when she needed a second vocal cord operation, and the two traveled together.

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Daryl Sabara Movies & Television Shows

– Spy Kids
– World’s Greatest Dad
– Finding Nemo
– John Carter
– Halloween
– Keeping Up with the Steins
– Teen Lust
– The Green Inferno
– The Polar Express
– April Showers
– My Neighbors the Yamadas
– The Naked Man
– Normal Adolescent Behavior
– It’s Complicated
– Blacktino
– Murder Without Conviction
– Australian Idol
– Ultimate Spider-Man
– Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
– Wizards of Waverly Place
– American Dragon: Jake Long

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