Racquel Palmer’s Role in “All The Queen’s Men”

Racquel Palmer

Who is Racquel Palmer

Racquel Palmer is an actor, writer, and producer from the United States. Her most notable roles include All the Queen’s Men (2021), Sistas (2021), and The Night Of (2016). Racquel is living her dream because she has always wanted to be an actress since her childhood years in Newark, New Jersey.

When she decided to pursue her career, it was clear that nothing was going to stop her. With a long list of acting credentials and expertise, she took a tremendous risk by putting up that billboard by Tyler Perry Studios (she knew it was time to bring it).

Racquel has already had a huge impact in the entertainment business, despite her gripping performances in television shows.

She initially made waves in 2019 when she paid for a commercial billboard stunt advertising herself for leading roles to producer Tyler Perry, a move the filmmaker downplayed but which nevertheless landed her roles in two of his shows.

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Racquel Palmer Height / Heritage

Palmer stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches. She is of African American descent.

Racquel Palmer Age

Palmer is 38 years old as of 2023. She was born on September 7, 1985, in the United States.

Age (2023) Age (2024)
38 years old 39 years old

Racquel Palmer Sister: Is Racquel Related To Keke Palmer?

People tend to confuse Racquel Palmer and Keke Palmer probably because they share the surname “Palmer” and they are pursuing the same career. The truth of the matter or rather the bottom line is that these two beautiful ladies are not related in any way whatsoever.

To make matters clear, Keke has only two sisters namely; Loreal Palmer, and Lawrencia Palmer, and a brother named Lawrence Palmer. Note that Lawrencia and Lawrence are twin siblings.

Racquel on the other hand has not revealed the specifics of her siblings and it is likely that she doesn’t have any. It is just a coincidence that these two ladies are active in the acting industry and they happen to share theeir surnames.

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Racquel Palmer Husband

Palmer is married to her loving husband Dorsea Palmer and they are blessed with two children; a son named Elijah and a daughter named; Diana Yvette Palmer. On June 20, 2023, Dorsea posted a lovely photo with her daughter along with a caption that reads;

“I had a fear of never hearing someone call me Dad. After multiple letdowns, I was about about to give up hope but I’m glad I didn’t. She’s EXACTLY what we prayed for and the wait was worth it. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect person to raise. And every time I hear “Daddy”, she reminds me that God loves me…. You’re the best Father’s Day gift I could have ever asked for. “Happy Birthday my TootToot”

Racquel PalmerRacquel and her children

Racquel Palmer’s Net Worth

Palmer has amassed an estimated net worth of $2 million. She has built a good fortune throughout the years that she has been pursuing in her career. She launched her own clothing brand; PalmersHouse which also generates some income.

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Racquel Palmer’s Role in “All The Queen’s Men”

Palmer co-stars in BET+’s new blockbuster series All The Queen’s Men alongside Skyh Black, Candace Maxwell, and Dion Rome to mention a few. The sitcom was produced and scripted by Christian Keyes, a fellow actor, and stars actress/former RHOA castmate/supermodel Eva Marcille.

She originally made headlines when she put up a billboard in Atlanta, Georgia beside Tyler Perry’s Studios stating that she was his next leading lady. She definitely got her chance in the male exotic dancer-themed series that’s all the rage.

The series All The Queen’s Men revolves around the life and hardships of Eva’s character Madame. If you watch the series, you’ll notice that Madame is not just the club’s owner, but she is also one of the city’s most powerful gangsters.

Racquel’s character, Blue, is the henchwoman for Madame. In this series, you will discover that the male exotic dancer’s life is just as shady as the female’s.

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