How Many Biological Children Does Rick Ross Have?

Rick Ross

How Many Children Does Rick Ross Have?

Rick Ross has five children with three different women. His children are Toie Roberts, William Roberts III, Berkeley Hermès Roberts, Billion Leonard Roberts, and Bliss Roberts.

His first child, Toie Roberts was born on March 17, 2002. She is the eldest child of Rick Ross and the mother is Lastonia Leviston. Toie welcomed her first baby in June 2022 so this means that Rick Ross is already a grandfather. The biological mother of Toie is Lastonia Leviston.

His second child, William Roberts III was born in September 2005. Rick Ross flexed crucial family aspirations in September 2021 by giving his son the gift of a lifetime: ownership of a Wingstop fast food restaurant; The biological mother of William is Tiallondra Kemp.

His third child, Berkeley Hermès Roberts was born on September 6, 2017. The biological mother of Berkeley is Brianna Camile. Not much is known about Berkeley.

Rick Ross Celebrating Berkerly’s Second Birthday

His fourth child is Billion Leonard Roberts. Billion was born in November 2018 and his biological mother is Brianna Camile.

His fifth and last child is a son named Bliss Roberts. His parents’ rocky relationship dates back to when Briana got pregnant with Bliss and it has continued like that for long.

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Rick Ross Health: What Happened To The American Rapper?

Ross experienced two seizures on October 14, 2011, one in the morning and the other in the early evening. He had a morning seizure, and CPR was given while he was unconscious.

The American rapper was found unconscious in his Miami, Florida, home on March 2, 2018, and was immediately rushed to the hospital after a potential heart attack. He was on a life support machine but everything went on well and he was released from the hospital a few days later.

Rick Ross Net Worth: How Rich is The Rapper?

Rick Ross is worth $45 million. He owns multiple Wingstop restaurants around the United States. Wingstop is a fast-food restaurant chain that specializes in chicken wings. Aside from that, Rick Ross owns several properties, luxury cars, and a private jet.

Rick Ross
Rick Ross and His Luxury Car

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Rick Ross’ Weight Almost Cost Him His Life After His Seizures

It was reported in February 2022 that Rick Ross had lost 75 lbs. after he had suffered a seizure in 2011 and his doctor advised him to lose weight in order to save his life.

He was living life to the utmost of his ability, weighing 350 pounds, getting three hours of sleep every night, and chowing down on 24-oz. steaks at four in the morning.

He had to review everything after experiencing two seizures within six hours of each other in 2011, which necessitated both emergency landings of his private jet.

Ross adjusted his diet and exercised by following the doctor’s advice and saved his life by losing 75 pounds. The secret to his weight loss was to go slowly rather than try quick fixes that didn’t work.

How Tall is Rick Ross?

Rick stands at an average height of 5 feet 11 inches.

What is Rick Ross’ Real Name?

The American rapper was born William Leonard Roberts II.

Who is Brianna Camile?

Brianna Singleton (Camille) is the founder and owner of an online sportswear business called “Fit by B. Camille”. Her main inspiration for launching the apparel company was to love all women and their bodies, in every shape and size. She wants to draw more attention to body shaming.

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