Carter The Body Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Carter The Body

About Carter The Body

Carter The Body is a popular actress, fitness model, and personal trainer. One of her biggest career moves came when she starred in All Queen’s Men (2021) alongside Skyh Alvester Black, Candace Maxwell, Dion Rome, and Racquel Palmer to mention a few.

Another big move came when she made two appearances in Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, once in season three as Rosa’s date to Nikki’s event and a second time in season six at Apryl and Fizz’s housewarming party.

In her second appearance, Carter addresses and minimizes the disputable Instagram Live footage of herself and Apryl talking about Apryl’s various conquests which had recently gone viral.

Additionally, Carter played a significant role in “Lipstick the Series.” Actually, she began her career in the entertainment industry after landing a role in Lipstick the Series. Aside from her career, Carter has established herself as one of the most important individuals in the LGBTQ and Black communities.

Carter The Body Age & Height

Carter has not revealed her exact age. All we know for sure is that she was born in Los Angeles, California, USA and she celebrated her birthday on June 18 every year. Carter is 5 feet 9½ inches tall.

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Carter The Body Girlfriend

The Los Angeles native identifies herself as a lesbian and uses “she” and “her” as pronouns. She is currently in a relationship with a lady by the name of Nelli Face. According to her Instagram bio, Nelli is a professional chef, social media influencer, and real estate agent.

Nelli has expressed her gratitude for her lover by sharing several photos of her on her Instagram account. For instance, she posted a photo of the two along with a caption that reads;

To be 100% supported, to feel understood, to feel appreciated, to feel protected, to receive love in abundance, to be able to give love in abundance without feeling used or regretful, to feel beautiful both inside and out, for someone to laugh at my corny jokes, for someone to be able to consistently put a smile on my face, for someone to want to grow w me, for someone to make promises and keep them… These are just a few of the things that I desired in a relationship, however felt I would never completely receive. Meeting you has changed my life drastically. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t thank the universe for bringing you to me. I am so grateful to spend another birthday with you, and I can’t wait to see what lies in our future together. I love you more than you will ever know or understand. Thank you for being my partner in life. Help me wish my baby @carter_thebody a HAPPY MF BIRTHDAY 🎉

Carter The Body
Carter and her partner

Carter has also appreciated her partner with several posts. In August 2018, she posted a photo with a caption that reads;

Appreciation post. Baby, I am so proud of you. You have been working your ass off for this. You are worthy of this new position and placement in your career. I adore you Nelli and I’m honored to watch and be apart of your growth. I LOVE YOU CHIP!!! @chefnelliface

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Carter The Body Net Worth

Carter has a net worth that ranges between $1 million – $3 million. She has built her fortune from her career as a fitness model. She has also made good money from the significant roles that she has played in movies. Carter has also other business ventures. She is the founder and owner of her own clothing firm called Carterthebody brand.

What You Need To Know About Carter The Body

♦ Carter is a lesbian and she is very open about her sexuality.
♦ She is quite tall and this gives her an advantage in her fitness routines.
♦ Carter is a native of Los Angeles, California.
♦ She is a citizen of the United States and she’s also an African American.
♦ Carter has shared several fitness photos of herself on her Instagram account.
♦ She often posts her partner and it is clear that they are deep in love.
♦ Her real name is not available at the moment but hey, keep checking.

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