Who Are The Nelsons Family Members? Names, Ages, Adopted, Biological

Not Enough Nelsons

About Not Enough Nelsons

Not Enough Nelsons is a big family that consists of 18 members; two parents, seven biological children, and nine adopted children. They have uploaded more than 950 videos on their YouTube channel which has 2.3 million subscribers as of June 2023.

The family started to see their subscriber base go up after posting the video “24 HOURS OVERNIGHT HOUSE SWAP! | WITH The Ohana Adventure!”

The parents, Benji Nelson and Tiffany Nelson have set up the foundation of this wonderful family. In this article, we have covered every aspect of this beautiful including all 16 children, keep scrolling.

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Not Enough Nelsons Parents: The Love Story of Benji and Tiffany

When Tiffany Kay Nelson and her husband, Bruce Edward Nelson II (Benji), first got married, they each had six jobs. Since they got married when Benji was still in college, his student status perhaps wasn’t making him any money.

They had to sell salt to local grocery stores so that they could spread it on the roadways when it snowed. And you would be totally wrong if you thought that the early years of marriage were filled with moonlight dinners or dancing until dawn.

Tiffany said; “We used to collect cans for date night.” She claimed that they would collect cans for three evenings on a weekly basis and that they had made roughly $950 from collecting cans in one year. They had accumulated almost $20,000 by the time Benji had completed his college studies.

It was enough reason to persuade the couple to collectively buy and then sell a home. They made a profit of $28,000 to $30,000 when they sold the house two years later.

They then repeated the same with their subsequent home and were successful in making a $90,000 profit. The two took their savings and used Tiffany’s skill at creating house blueprints to build their first house.

Two years later, they got twice as much for the house as they paid for construction. Once more, it served as sufficient motivation for the two to make the decision to create their own neighborhood with 24 buildable lots.

The lots were sold, and the two decided to construct their own home with the proceeds. The “dream home” they later built, according to Tiffany, was something she herself had drawn.

She said, “It had an elevator, it had a basketball court, it had a two-story cinema area, and it had a kids’ playroom. However, the couple ran into trouble during the 2008 crisis and became bankrupt.

At this point, they were parents to ten kids, some of them were biological and others were adopted. So you can now picture how hard it was. “We basically lost everything that we had built and worked so hard for over 10 years time,” she said. “But you know what? Live and learn.”

Not Enough Nelsons
Tiffany and her husband, Benji

After they lost everything, the parents changed their workaholic habits and started spending more time with their children. In hindsight, the mother claims she “wouldn’t even change” what took place.

The two were successful in starting up their development company again and even used Tiffany’s thriving childcare operation as a source of additional money. The parents currently have 16 kids as well as a successful YouTube channel with more than 1.3 million members.

The kids range in age from 2 to 24 years old, and even though life has clearly thrown the parents some challenges, they’re happy with the journey their family has taken. “We never thought that we would end up with 16 kids — but we love them all,” she said.

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Which of The Nelson Kids Are Biological?

Benji and Tiffany have seven biological children namely; KennaDee, KassaDee, Trey, JaineLee, PaisLee, PresLee, and Ledger.

KennaDee had her own YouTube channel called KennaDee Kay which she launched in November 2020. She has been a member of the church of Jesus Christ for the long time. KennaDee is currently married to Chase Haddock.

KassaDee has an Instagram account called @justkassbeauty where she uploads makeup tutorials. KassaDee is currently married to Josh G Parker. The couple runs their clothing brand and it is still doing well. 

Trey is the eldest biological son of the Nelson family. Not much is known about him apart from the fact that he has a girlfriend named Izzy Larsen.

JaineLee has promoted several brands such as PMD Beauty on her Instagram page. She created an Instagram account with a particular emphasis on fashion and lifestyle. She has also been a member of the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ.

PaisLee is homeschooled, unlike the other siblings. She is the sixth youngest in her family. She was born as a middle child in Utah.

Not Enough Nelsons
Not Enough Nelsons Family

PresLee is one of the youngest members of the family. Some of her favorite snacks are pickles, Funyuns, and Lawry’s Salt.

Ledger is the youngest child in the Nelson family. His name was first mentioned in the Instagram caption that went along with a picture of his mum carrying him inside her womb.

Which of the Nelson Kids Are Adopted?

Benji and Tiffany adopted the following children; JourNee, Bridger, LiLee, SaiDee, NayVee, Luke, DeLayNee, ElleCee, and Beckham.

Note that ElleCee, LiLee, SaiDee, Luke, DelayNee, and Beckham are all biological siblings who the Nelsons adopted at different stages. They all changed their names after being adopted by the Nelson family.

JourNee was born in Russia and placed in an orphanage where children with disabilities were kept. It took her almost a year to learn English. Her name before the adoption was Kuklea.

Bridger has a passion for soccer and skating. His original name before the adoption was Kuzovskin Vladimir Alexandrovich.

LiLee maintained her name after adoption but changed the spelling from Lilly to LiLee, and also kept her middle name, Anne. Her biological siblings are SaiDee, Luke, DeLayNee, ElleCee, and Beckham. She has been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, which is a Mormon denomination.

SaiDee was adopted by the Nelson family while she was still a toddler. Her original name was Kenadie, but she had to change it because, one of her older siblings, Luke and LiLee, who were also adopted, were using the name KennaDee.

Not Enough Nelsons
Not Enough Nelsons Family Celebrating Mother’s Day

ElleCee was baptized at the age of eight. Her name before the adoption was Kelly. She was adopted with her half-biological sister, DeLayNee, and her biological brother, Beckham

DeLayNee’s name before the adoption was KenLeigh (a mixture of Lilly and Kenadie, LiLee, and SaiDee’s bio names). She was adopted at the same time as her bio siblings ElleCee and Beckham

Beckham was a featured guest in a July 2020 Q&A video where he responded to a number of fan queries. In the video, he stated that he finds his red hair to be quite cool. Before the adoption, his name was Tuff Knight.

Below is The List of The Nelson Children From The Eldest To The Youngest

Name of Child Date of Birth Biological / Adopted
KennaDee Kay Nelson Haddock March 27, 1997 Biological
JourNee Mechelle Nelson September 8, 1998 Adopted
Bridger Alexander Nelson  January 2, 1999 Adopted
KassaDee Lee Nelson Parker March 20, 1999 Biological
Bruce Edward Nelson III (Trey) November 22, 2000 Biological
JaineLee Nelson September 19, 2002 Biological
LiLee Anne Nelson March 12, 2006 Adopted
SaiDee Faith Nelson June 15, 2007 Adopted
NayVee Grace Nelson November 12, 2007 Adopted
Luke Parker Nelson March 24, 2009 Adopted
PaisLee Jane Nelson May 11, 2011 Biological
DeLayNee June Nelson September 15, 2011 Adopted
PresLee Grace Nelson April 12, 2013 Biological
ElleCee Faith Nelson July 31, 2013 Adopted
Beckham Ryder Nelson February 26, 2015 Adopted
Ledger Nike Nelson July 20, 2019 Biological

How Old is Tiffany Nelson?

Tiffany is 48 years old as of 2023. She was born on February 24, 1975, in the United States. She and her family publish new videos on Monday, Friday, and Saturday each week.

How Old is Benji Nelson?

Benji is currently 51 years old. He was born on November 7, 1971, in Utah, USA. He appeared in his first YouTube video in December 2018.

What Religion is The Nelson Family?

The Nelson family are members of the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ.

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