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Gang51e June

About Gang51e June

Gang51e June has defined the real meaning of modern rapping in his generation and he carries the message of hope on his back. His life hasn’t been a walk in the park considering the fact that growing up in ghetto areas where crime is at a high level is always ruining the lives of aspiring youths.

June was raised in a household of five children (him being the oldest) and he had to set a leading example for the rest. His grandmother who was so hopeful for him believed that he would be the one who would change the status of his family and he ended up nicknaming him, “The Hope”.

He started this long journey when he was still a young boy and his grandmother has been his greatest support. He used to write poems and sing with his grandmother at church and became really in tune with himself through spiritual practice.

As time went by, he started writing and producing songs and he realized that he was not only the hope of his family but also his city. Just like many other rappers whose songs are played globally, June longs to be played in family households for generations.

He doesn’t just write songs for the sake of writing, he actually strives to teach through positive messaging and breaks stereotypical boundaries for rappers of his generation.

This is what makes him different from the majority of rappers in the United States. Gang51e June believes in a sober lifestyle and is optimistic about paving the way for the generation after him. Not stopping there, he sets himself apart from other artists by contributing to the industry in several different ways.

He produced music videos for other talented musicians in his city and directed and edited them all before he started studying music seriously. He believes the industry needs something different, therefore he plans every move carefully.

In a world where most artists sound alike, June plans on giving his fans something they have never heard before by simply telling his story. He is in a heartening mindset that he plans on presenting in his upcoming project. He stays motivated knowing his music inspires people from all walks of life who have had similar struggles.

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Gang51e June Age & Realname

June was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. He is currently in his 20s though he has not revealed his exact age and year of birth. Talking of his real name, the Oklahoma native has not revealed his birth name. His stage name however is pronounced Gang Tie June. Keep checking, we shall reveal his real name as we learn more about him.

Gang51e June

Gang51e June Girlfriend

June prefers to keep his personal matters away from the mainstream media. We went through his Instagram account in an effort to find his girlfriend but the results we got were not what we were hoping for. In fact, his Instagram account has zero posts. However, the Oklahoma native has a daughter whose specifics are uncertain at the moment.

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Gang51e June Net Worth

It is clear that Gang51e June has created a sustainable livelihood from his career. His music has provided him with a steady flow of income. June is estimated to be worth $500,000.


June stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Gang51e June Songs

♦Base’ Body
♦Crushed Down
♦Forever Thuggin’
♦Waist Deep
♦Homicide Man
♦Lost Cloudz
♦51 Savior
♦Euthanasia 98′
♦Hood Interrogation
♦Water on My Neck
♦The Hate U Gave
♦Reality Advocate
♦Charlie Wilson Junya
♦Kisses 2 The Sky
♦City Girl Summer
♦Wockin’ on a Wire

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