A Look At JG Riff’s Career Journey in Music From 2018

JG Riff

Who is JG Riff?

Washington has produced some of the best rappers in the world and JG Riff who has proven to be DC’s most consistent artist since 2018 has released several songs over the last few years. Without further ado, let’s delve into his background as a person and musical career so we may get to know him better.

JG Riff Age, Real Name

Riff’s age is still a matter of concern. His Instagram page has few photos (we tried to look for one where he celebrated his birthday) so it is quite a challenge to tell his exact age. Although we are certain that Riff was born in Washington D.C., the Southeast native is yet to reveal his real name.

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JG Riff Height

Riff stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches.

JG Riff Net Worth

Riff’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $500,000. He makes money from his career. Riff has also secured exclusive deals with some of the top brands in the USA.

A Look At JG Riff’s Career Journey in Music From 2018

JG Riff has released many projects and quite a number of videos that have propelled him to prominence as one of his city’s top rappers. However, he might have missed the opportunity to be where he is now without the help of his friends and his own dedication.

Riff has gone through many difficulties since his early days in Southeast. Like many others, the rapper was doomed to fail given what he was learning at school and what he was seeing on the streets.

He said; “I probably had a couple of teachers who believed in me, and I could name them off the top of my head.” All of my other teachers couldn’t care less about me. They didn’t care whether I passed or failed.”

Riff eventually began rapping, following in the footsteps of his brother JG Whop. When Whop became “lazy,” as Riff put it, the rapper jumped in and picked up where his brother left off. He then collaborated with Big Comma to produce his debut single, “Lotta Shots.”

After the release of “Lotta Shots,” Riff received a call from his close friend and brother Raw, asking him to go into the studio and collaborate on a beat with him. Riff hesitated particularly because he wasn’t really taking rap seriously and didn’t have anything to his name at the time.

Riff ultimately made the decision to comply with Raw’s requests, which he later claimed to have been the best thing he had ever done since starting his rap journey. Riff will keep sharing his story and the others of where he comes from as long as he continues to lead by example.

Riff’s latest tape, Money Making Sonny, and JG Whop’s Street Icon were both released on October 31, 2020. He has gone on to release several other songs, some of which we have mentioned below.

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JG Riff Songs

– Jg4l
– Carry Em
– Ima Hustler
– Lights Off
– Larkia
– Za’ Morant
– Playing Defense
– Last Hunnit Thou
– Message to My Youngins
– Money Makin’ Sonny
– Lil Niggas
– How You Feel Obama

JG Riff Social Media Handles

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