Mannywellz Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Height, Family, Net Worth


About Mannywellz

Mannywellz is a renowned rapper based in the United States. Unlike many other rappers whose music revolves around drugs and crime, Mannywellz has focused on one mission in life. His mission is to use his God-given talent to spread a message of hope to his fellow youths and make as many people as possible know Jesus.

As creative as he seems to be, Mannywellz doesn’t only use music to share his message. He uses fashion and indirect ways to reach his audience. He writes songs that draw inspiration from pop, rap, soul, and traditional West African music by fusing melody, raps, syncopation, and organized chord progressions with hip-hop beats.

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Mannywellz Age & Family

The American rapper is currently 29 years old. He was born on January 25, 1994, in Nigeria and relocated to Bowie, Maryland, United States with his parents and siblings when he was 9 years old. Mannywellz is privileged to have a family that supports his career.

He’s really genuinely grateful that they purchase merchandise, and show tickets, and they won’t ask for favors because they want to see this project advance to the next level. They always get to hear and comment on his new music first.

Growing up, he watched his father perform and studied the greats. Five years ago, he wasn’t this excellent, but over time, he simply became more at ease performing on stage, and these days, he truly enjoys it.

Mannywellz Real Name

Mannywellz’s real name is Emmanuel Ajomale. His father, Kunle Ajomale is a Nigerian gospel singer and he has credited him for his moral upbringing.

Mannywellz Girlfriend

The rapper is single at the moment. Talking about his relationship status has been challenging because he hasn’t disclosed any information about the woman he’s dating if she’s there in the first place. Keep hovering because we shall share more details as soon as he reveals his girlfriend.

Mannywellz Net Worth

Mannywellz has an estimated net worth of $500,000. He has created a sustainable livelihood from his career which has provided him with a stable source of income for a long time. In addition to that, Mannywellz has a clothing brand called Oulala which has also contributed significantly to his net worth.

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Mannywellz Was Among The DACA Protestors

Mannywellz, who was born in Nigeria, immigrated to the US with his mother and brothers in 2003 when he was just nine years old. A few years later, in 2012, he was granted protection under the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

This permits lawful employment and protects individuals who were brought to the country as children but currently have an unlawful presence. This event had a profound impact on his life and his rapidly expanding music career.

However, something frightening happened that tested his faith and that of many others who were in the same situation. The then-administration attempted to terminate DACA in September 2017 and demanded that Congress find a replacement by March 5, 2018.

Mannywellz sang his song “American Dream” to start the march on the day that thousands of Dreamers from all around the nation occupied Capitol Hill in protest and to urge lawmakers to enact laws protecting them.

While the future of many DACA participants remains in doubt, Mannywellz expects to see change, such as an appropriate course to citizenship and a strategy that keeps them safe and makes them feel welcome in the United States. Though it has greatly influenced Mannywellz’s life and profession, being a beneficiary of DACA is not the only thing that makes him unique.

Mannywellz Songs

♦Sweet & Tender
♦No Closure
♦Wish You
♦A Million
♦The Basics
♦Fire 4 Their Head
♦I Can Not
♦So Good
♦Soul on Fire
♦Wrong Place

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