Sarah Pepper Struggled To Get Pregnant With Her Daughter, Parker But she Won The Battle

Sarah Pepper

About Sarah Pepper

Sarah Pepper serves as a morning show host for “The Morning Mix” alongside Geoff Sheen and Lauren Kelly at Entercom. She is an open book on Mix 96.5’s “The Morning Mix,” even speaking openly about her struggles of her pregnancy journey.

She is a presenter with over 19 years of work experience in the radio industry and over 14 years of event organizing and hosting expertise in professional sports, such as the Houston Marathon, MLS, NFL, NBA, NCAA Final Four, NWSL, and USWNT.

Sarah began her career in radio soon after graduating from college. She landed a job as the Morning Show producer for Brad Booker on Hot 96. Her unique voice accompanies millions of Houston drivers battling the morning rush.

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Sarah Pepper Age

Pepper has not shared her birth details with the public. As a result, it is quite a challenge to determine her exact age or year of birth. What we are certain of is that she was born in Evansville, Indiana, USA.

Sarah Pepper Height

Pepper stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Sarah Pepper Education

Pepper graduated in 2002 from Ball State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications.

Sarah Pepper Wife / Daughter

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding Sarah’s marital status. We scrolled through her social media pages in an effort to find her husband but the results we got were not what we were hoping for.

Nonetheless, Sarah counts her biggest blessing to date as being the mother of her daughter, Parker, who was born in April 2019.

Sarah Pepper Salary

Sarah earns an average salary of $79,748. She works as a morning show host for The Morning Mix with Sarah Pepper, Geoff Sheen, and Lauren Kelly.

Sarah Pepper’s Net Worth

Pepper has an estimated net worth of $950,000. She generates her income from her career as a radio journalist.

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Sarah Pepper Struggled To Get Pregnant With Her Daughter, Parker But she Won The Battle

Although Sarah has a way of making her listeners laugh, she endured an emotional battle that millions of Americans have experienced. She opened up in May 2018 about how she underwent her first round of IVF with high expectations.

She revealed the following in a one-on-one interview with Rachel McNeill on KPRC2;

“IVF was something I chose to do because I always felt like I wanted to be a mother, even when I was young. I believed that by the age of 35, I would be married and have kids. That wasn’t how things actually turned out.”

She added, “My plan in my perfect little mind, I was going to do this transfer. I should know on Christmas Day. I will be at home with my mother.”

“She’ll take this pregnancy test out, and wham! She will become aware that she will soon become a grandma, something she never expected.”

Two months later, the transfer had succeeded, but genetic testing had shown that the child had a serious genetic problem. Sadly, Pepper miscarried at 15 weeks. She shared the tragic news on air and said she was surprised by the overwhelming response.

Pepper claimed that she is prepared to start again after taking a year off to travel and think. She launched a podcast to document her experiences, and it quickly became popular because it was so open and shameless about how she felt.

She mentioned that she was shocked by how many men she heard from after she shared her troubles.

Pepper said it was difficult to find the correct words to express because they were experiencing it with their spouses as well. She vowed to keep her listeners informed at every stage of the process.

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Who is Sarah Pepper married to?

Sarah is not married as of 2023. Keep hovering because we shall reveal the identity of her husband as soon as she uploads the photo on her social media pages.

What happened to Pepper’s brother?

Pepper’s brother, Andrew died in 2010 while living in Thailand. he was working as an English teacher at the time of his death. Four years later, Sarah engaged in a marathon and she was running for her brother.

Who is Sarah Pepper’s co-host?

Sarah co-hosts her morning show with Geoff Sheen and Lauren Kelly.

Sarah Pepper Social Media

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