Who is Briana Hampton’s Boyfriend, Johnell Young? Age, Net Worth

Johnell Young

About Johnell Young

Johnell Young is an American actor and former professional basketball player at Clark Atlanta University. He gained prominence for his roles in Making Moves (2017), Wu-Tang: An American Saga (2019), and A Holiday Chance (2021).

The American actor had an affiliation with the famed rap group even before he was cast in “Wu-Tang: An American Saga”. As a result, he was accustomed to the group before auditioning for the role.

This is something he was grateful for when filming “Wu-Tang: An American Saga”. He and the rest of his castmates formed solid relationships and had a great time working together.

According to him, the most rewarding experience of his career has been playing GZA. Johnell has about twelve acting credentials to his name at the moment of his career, but “Wu-Tang: An American Saga” means the most to him.

One of the fantastic experiences Johnell has had in his profession has been the ability to contribute a voice to NBA 2K20. He provided the voice for Bertie Barnett, a character in the game. He may do more voice acting in the future, but we are uncertain about it.

His life has been a blur of activity over the past few years but in the greatest way possible. He went from being a somewhat unknown actor to having a rapidly expanding fan following made up of people coming from every corner of the world.

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Who is Johnell Young’s Girlfriend?

Johnell Young

Johnell and Briana Hampton are the new lovers in town. He proposed to her on June 20, and she posted a video of the lovely event with a sweet caption that reads;

“There you have it!!! It’s OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL!!! I was asked to be his Girlfriend 🥰😩….. I felt like I was back in high school…… Well, here we gooooo I’m ready for this rideeeee w/ God being the Driver of our Life & Relationship!!”

Briana Hampton is a well-known social media personality, fashion stylist, and businesswoman. She is widely known for her marriage with LaTruth.

She also owns Klassy Queens, a store that sells wigs and other hair accessories. Additionally, Briana is the owner and founder of Mrs. Latruth Boutique & Dance Studio.

Where Did Young Go To College?

Although Johnell focuses on acting at the moment, he used to place a high value on sports. When he was a student, he participated in basketball for the team at Clark Atlanta University.

He registered for the 2015 draft with the hope of fulfilling his dream of playing in the NBA, however, he was not selected.

How Old is Johnell Young?

Johnell is 33 years old as of 2023. He was born on June 3, 1990, in Staten Island, New York, USA.

What is Johnell’s Net Worth?

Johnell has a net worth of $1.5 million. He generates his income from his career as an actor

Where is Johnell From?

Johnell is a native of the New York City areas of Staten Island, Harlem, The Bronx, and Brooklyn.

How Tall is Johnell Young?

The New York native stands at a height of 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 m).

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How Did Young Land The Wu-Tang Role?

When asked how he got the chance to audition for Wu-Tang: An American Saga Johnell responded, “I landed the role through social media. I saw a post on social media asking for actors to play these rappers, who just so happened to be from Staten Island, New York, where I was born and raised.”

He continued by saying; “That immediately caught my interest, and I quickly sent emails to the casting director introducing myself and explaining why I was interested in participating.”

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