Who is Lucas Dobre’s Girlfriend, Ivanita Lomeli?

About Ivanita Lomeli

Ivanita Lomeli is a popular name on Instagram having graced the reels and nice photos for a few years now. She started to gain fame on the internet after getting into a relationship with YouTube star, Lucas Dobre. She has amassed a large following across all of her social media platforms. Ivanita interacts with her online fan base regularly and provides content for her followers.


Lomeli stands at an average height of 5 feet 3 inches.

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Ivanita Lomeli Age

Lomeli (26 years old) was born on October 25, 1997, in Virginia, USA. Her parents immigrated to the United States from Tototlan, Jalisco, Mexico, and raised their daughter in the States. Ivanita grew up alongside her older brother and a younger sister named Sammi Lomeli.

Ivanita Lomeli Boyfriend

Lomeli and her boyfriend, Lucas Dobre started their relationship in early 2018. They dated for five years until Lucas proposed to her in April 2023, an incident that sparked an uproar on the internet. Congratulations were in plenty for the two who have a strong bond.

Ivanita Lomeli
Ivanita and her boyfriend

What Happened To Lucas and Marcus Dobre?

Marcus staged a suicide as a joke in a video titled “MY TWIN BROTHER IS DEAD?!” that they uploaded in January 2022. The video sparked a backlash from fans and the suicide prevention organization Suicide Awareness Voices of Education. As of January 2023, the video is still available on their YouTube channel, and they have not commented on the matter.

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Ivanita Lomeli’s Rise To Fame

Lomeli has become quite popular on the internet ever since the Dobre twins’ followers discovered that she is dating. Her following on Instagram is approximately 500,000, while her Twitter account has more than 13,000 followers.

She opened her own YouTube channel in June 2018 and at this moment, it has 54 million views and 1.2 million followers. Her huge fan base can be attributed to her presence across all social media platforms from Instagram to Twitter, to TikTok.

She joined social media platforms around the same time and that is how she has managed to build such a huge audience. This has contributed significantly to her income since she has secured exclusive deals with top brands in the United States.

Her boyfriend, Lucas is a dancer and YouTuber by profession. His fanbase has grown so big that they have been able to accommodate Lomeli with ease. Lucas and his brother have garnered a huge fan base over the years.

One of their biggest achievements was working with Viner Jake Paul. The brothers were privileged to be the original members of Paul’s Team 10 and they have always been grateful for the opportunity. Lucas has extended his dancing skills to his girlfriend, Lomeli.

Lomeli proposed to Lucas in February 2018 and asked him to be her Valentine. Lucas announced their relationship officially the next month and from that point, they frequently showed up in each other’s videos.


Lomeli holds the American nationality even though her parents are from Mexico.

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