Alexandra Jarvis Husband, Age, Real Name, Height, Net Worth

Alexandra Jarvis

About Alexandra Jarvis

Alexandra Jarvis is an American real estate agent, attorney, and actress best known as one of the cast members of the Netflix Original Series, Selling the OC (2022). Her style of handling real estate is characterized by genuine charm and friendly service, which stems from how she was raised and her steadfast belief that the place where one lives and the people who inhabit it are the main focus of life.

Prior to embarking on her current career, Alexandra was a renowned lawyer. This phase of her life prepared her for her next career since it taught her how to advocate for clients and also to negotiate and solve problems. She adapted her legal profession into a real estate career by helping clients in the course of her work, fusing her legal knowledge with her sociable nature.

Alexandra Jarvis Height

The American attorney stands at an average height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m).

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Alexandra Jarvis is a Native of Alabama

Jarvis (33 years old) was born on May 6, 1990, in Alabama, USA. She spent most of her childhood years in Alabama until she relocated to Orange County for higher education.

Alexandra Jarvis is an Intelligent Lady

Jarvis is perhaps the definition of “beauty with brains”. She enrolled at Auburn University where she graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Spanish and International Business. After completing her studies at Auburn, she decided to pursue law.

She ended up joining The University of California, Irvine School of Law where she received a distinction degree. Right after completing her studies, she landed a job as a litigator at a Newport Beach litigation firm, where she handled cases that revolved around employment and corporate law.

After working as a litigator for a while, Alexandra decided that it was time to expand her portfolio so she joined the cast of Netflix Original Series Selling the OC (2022) and worked as a real estate agent at The Oppenheim Group in Newport Beach, California.

Alexandra Jarvis Husband

Jarvis is married to Sergio Ducoulombier. They met at a restaurant on June 15, 2019. They had a drink that was followed by a real conversation. The two ended up exchanging their phone numbers and they started a friendship that developed into a romantic affair.

The following year, on December 27, 2020, Sergio went down on one knee and proposed to her in a private ceremony in Newport Beach, California. The couple married in April 2023 at a small ceremony in Lake Como, Italy. Sergio is the founder and CEO of a fintech company payment network called Slip Cash Inc.

Alexandra Jarvis
Jarvis and her husband

Alexandra Jarvis’ Net Worth

Alexandra has a whooping net worth of £3.4 million. She is a passionate businesswoman who successfully established herself as one of the most prominent realtors in the Orange County real estate market, generating close to $40 million in sales in her first year of the company.

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What is Alexandra Jarvis’ Real Name?

Fans have been on the frontline inquiring about Alexandra’s real name. In the seventh episode, Alex Hall revealed to Polly and Ali that Alexandra’s real name was Rachel, citing evidence she had seen on her boarding card when traveling to Mexico.

After the scene aired, Alexandra addressed the matter by stating that, although her first name is Rachel, she typically goes by Alexandra, her middle name. “My middle name is Alexandra, and my first name is Rachel,” she stated in reference to the premiere of the series.

How Many Times Has Alexandra Been Married?

Believe it or not, Alexandra has been married two times and engaged or rather proposed to three times before her current marriage with Sergio and fans have dubbed her a “ring collector”. However, her previous marriages and relationships are not available except with Michael French whom she divorced in 2018.

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