Jordan Peterson’s Wife With Whom He has Two Children Was a Foster Parent

Jordan Peterson

About Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is a Canadian psychologist, author, and media commentator. He started gaining fame towards the end of 2010 for his conservative views on social and political problems.

Millions of people have watched his many lectures and talks, which have mostly been shared through YouTube and podcasts. He opened a JordanPetersonVideos YouTube account in 2013 and started posting lectures and interview recordings there right away.

By the end of 2013, the channel included Harvard lectures, a few interviews, and extra special lectures on the subjects of “Tragedy vs. Evil” and “Psychology as a career.”

After three years of merely uploading course videos, Peterson revealed in March 2016 that he was interested in cleaning up the existing content. He decided to improve future content, including a new crowdsourcing experiment through Patreon.

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Jordan Peterson and His Wife Have Two Children

Peterson married Tammy Roberts in 1989 and they have two children together, a son named Julian and a daughter named Mikhaila. When Mikhaila was 17 years old, she underwent hip and ankle surgery because of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA), which she suffered from as a child.

Mikhaila, who also works as a political analyst and hosts a podcast, has since been following what she refers to as “the lion diet,” which consists solely of beef, salt, and water.

Jordan Peterson
Jordan and his family

What is Jordan Peterson’s Stand About Religion?

Peterson believed that “religion was for the naive, weak, and foolish” as a teenager and longed for a left-wing revolution. This belief continued until he met left-wing radicals in college.

He was asked about his religious beliefs in a 2017 interview, to which he replied, “I suppose the most straightforward answer to that is yes.” When asked whether he believes in God, Peterson replied, “I think the correct answer to that is no, but I have a feeling He might exist.”

Peterson had a sit-down talk with Douglass Murray and Johnathan Pageau in a podcast to discuss matters of religion. He said that at the highest point of the hierarchy of attention and action is God, who is the “ultimate fictional character.”

According to Daniel Burston’s argument in Psychoanalysis, Politics, and the Postmodern University, Peterson’s views on religion are preoccupied with what Tillich refers to as the hierarchical or infinite dimension of religious experience.

On the other hand, his beliefs show little to no proficiency with (or sympathy for) what Tillich referred to as the horizontal dimension of faith, which calls for justice for all in the scriptures of the biblical prophets of God.

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Jordan Peterson’s Wife With Whom He has Two Children Was a Foster Parent

Tammy decided to become a foster parent when she was about 30 years old because she genuinely loves to spend time with children. She has been caring for children in foster care for almost two decades.

Tammy usually adopts orphans. The majority of these children eventually return to their orphanages. However, others rejoin the family that they came from. She explained that she became a foster parent in order to provide a home and family for the children.

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