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Jamal the Creative

About Jamal the Creative

Jamal the Creative is a videographer, photographer, editor, & graphic designer all in one. He is a content creator on all big platforms including Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. He makes comedy sketches in a mockumentary style.

The goal of his content is either to make your day go from bad to good so that you may leave work and enjoy literally anything at the end of the day. He has gained a wide range of skills in regard to running his business as a content creator.

Jamal the Creative Real Name

The content creator was born Jamal Morant. He uses Jamal the Creative as his professional name.

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Jamal the Creative Parents

Jamal has frequently cited the influence of his parents in molding who he is today. He got his quality trait from his father because of his aspirations of becoming a prominent musician. Talking of his mother, Jamal claimed that one of his biggest struggles was and still is not receiving her approval.

Her mother, who is of Caribbean descent, was adamantly in favor of him getting professions like nursing, medicine, law, or even skilled trades.

By not giving her son approval, Jamal found himself between a rock and a hard place. This was the battle between pursuing something that would make her proud and at the same time, something that would make him happy.

Jamal the Creative Age

Jamal was born on November 5, 1987, in Brooklyn, New York, United States. He is currently 35 years old and his birth sign is Scorpio.

Age (2022) Age (2023)
35 years old 36 years old

Jamal the Creative Height

Jamal is a tall man. He stands at an average height of 5 feet 10 inches.

Jamal the Creative Wife

Jamal is not married at the moment. However, he said that one of his biggest plans is to get married soon. He is yet to reveal his wife-to-be.

Jamal the Creative Wealth: How Rich is the Brooklyn Native?

Jamal has generated a sustainable livelihood from his job as a videographer, photographer, editor, graphic designer, and content creator. His net worth as of 2023 is roughly $450,000.

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Jamal the Creative Songs

– Margarita Tuesday
– The Man Right Now
– Kaiya
– Burrr
– Racks
– Die 4 U
– Westside
– Dm’d Love Messages
– Hooptie
– Woke
– Fine

Jamal’s Story Behind His Success

Jamal the Creative began this epic journey when he was 19 years old, writing songs in the room of one of his friends called James. He inherited this character trait from his father because of his desire to become a famous musician.

They would make music while the $20 microphone was jerry-rigged and suspended from the ceiling. At the time, YouTube was still new to the general public and no one knew what would become of it.

He developed a passion for the art of using music as a way of expressing himself. He became obsessed with it to the extent that he spent several days and nights composing, singing, and expressing himself on a notebook or an iPhone in an effort to be the best.

After a period of five to six years, he sought the advice of a music marketing manager after unsuccessful attempts to increase his fan base and following on social media.

The manager advised him to showcase his character in order to increase his fan base and following. He started creating humorous sketches on YouTube considering the fact that he is a naturally witty person.

This is how he began to learn his skill by studying YouTube tutorials, teaching himself how to operate a camera, mastering editing programs like final cut pro, and learning how to compose comedic sketches. Fast forward and today, he is living his dreams.

How is Jamal Related to Tiffany?

Jamal and Tiffany La’Ryn are both content creators. They have teamed up to create several contents together. So we can refer to their friendship as “workmates.”

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Is Jamal the Creative Married?

Jamal has been in a relationship for a long time with his girlfriend now fiancé. We shall reveal the identity of his partner as soon as he uploads her picture on his social media platforms.

Where is Jamal From?

Jamal is a native of Brooklyn, New York, United States.

Jamal the Creative Social Media

At a Glance;

– His real name/birth name is Jamal Morant.
– Jamal is currently in a relationship with his fiance.
– His business is Content creation. Yes! you read that right.
– He is quite a tall man. His average height is 5 feet 10 inches.
– He once tried his luck in music but comedy overrode his purpose.

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