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About Foggieraw

Foggieraw is one of the fastest-rising rap artists in the United States. Building a fanbase from start is a tricky task, but Foggieraw has done it in a manner that appears to be simple. He is effortlessly creating vibrant, vivid hip-hop music.

He usually mumbles his fluid verses and stresses feeling over bars, but his music isn’t the typical AutoTune-heavy “mumble rap” we’re used to listening.

His work has a unique sound thanks to his naturally deep tones and a wide range of inspirations, including OutKast, Pimp C, and MF DOOM. Foggieraw has so far performed best when he can just be himself without having to force anything.

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Foggieraw Age

Foggieraw is 30 years old as of 2023. He was born in 1993 in Ghana. He relocated to the United States when he was 5 years old and grew up in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Age (2023) Age (2024)
30 years old 31 years old

Foggieraw Real Name

The American rapper was born Jesse Owusu. He uses Foggieraw as his stage name.

Foggieraw Height

Foggieraw is a tall man. He stands at an average height of 6 feet 1 inch.

Foggieraw Wife

Foggieraw has not revealed the identity of his wife. On top of that, he has no children of his own as of 2023. Keep hovering because we shall reveal the identity of his wife as soon as he spills the beans.

Foggieraw Net Worth

Foggieraw has an estimated net worth of $500,000. He generates his income from his career as a rap artist. He also makes some money from brand deals and endorsements.

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How did Foggieraw get his name?

Some of Mo Williams’ friends would just refer to him as Fog Raw because that was his given name. It was his Instagram username, but he would repeatedly delete his account.

Since he was unable to use the same name after each Instagram deletion, Foggieraw simply called his subsequent accounts Foggieraw and left it at that.

Foggieraw’s Career As a Rap Artist

When Foggieraw was five years old, his family relocated from Ghana to Maryland, and he soon began composing music. Up to the age of 18, when he began rapping, he had a strong foundation in piano and saxophone playing.

Foggie tried his hand at backpack rap because he was surrounded by friends who enjoyed it and would practice it on their own, but he was never fully satisfied. Foggieraw would feel it to be inadequate for a little longer, which inspired him to create his own music.

He finally found his voice as soon as he transitioned, though, and gave himself a good environment to start creating a vibrant style of rap that better suited his magnetic nature.

It’s quite tough to describe his style. Although he frequently mumbles his fluid verses and stresses feeling over bars, his music is different from the typical AutoTune-heavy “mumble rap” we’re used to hearing.

Foggieraw has so far enjoyed an amazing upsurge. He progressively releases rising tracks, release after release. He belongs to a group of artists who, in comparison to the fame they will eventually receive, are still pretty much unknown.

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At a Glance;

– Foggieraw was born in Ghana, and he moved to the States at a young age.
– His real name is Jesse Owusu.
– He makes money from his career in music.
– His music is actually Mumble Rap. He has written a variety of tracks, including mumble rap and songs with 100 bars.
– These are equally challenging. Yet every now and again the mumble rap music is much more challenging because it relies more on a vibe than just words. Therefore, they deserve the same respect.

Foggieraw Songs

– U Can’t Be My Baby
– I Got the Kick
– Monclear Bubble
– Brenda Song
– All In the Wrist
– Look Like Porzingis
– Polo On Me
– Drake and Josh
– What Would You Do
– Flow for Days 3
– Independent Like Webbie
– Bandz on Me Blue
– Harry Potter
– Bandz on Me Blue
– Where Did It Go
– Thuggin
– Jackie Chan

Foggieraw Social Media

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