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Brittany Renner

About Brittany Renner

Brittany Renner is a social media superstar, actress, Fitness model, Author, and Instagram megastar. She is well known for her Instagram and fitness antics, her outspoken videos, and her relentless boldness.

In case you don’t know, her bio reads; “Oh, to be a mad, mouthy, majestic woman in a world full of frauds and followers…” and there are no sandwich jokes.

Regardless of whether you are totally familiar with Renner’s presence on social media, you can already start to picture the kind of stuff you may expect to see on her page.

She swiftly carried her on-field prowess to social media, where she tried her hand at producing fitness-related content. Renner used her attractive form to display her flawless soccer skills while detailing her journey toward better health.

The actress gained a huge following on both Instagram and YouTube in 2013 after her first video, “Brittany Renner Track Circuit,” went viral. Keep scrolling so you can learn everything you need to know about her.

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Brittany Renner Age

Renner is 31 years old as of 2023. She was born on February 26, 1992, in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, United States.

Age (2023) Age (2024)
31 years old  32 years old

Brittany Renner Height

Renner stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches.

Brittany Renner Parents / Siblings

Brittany has two brothers, one of them is named Steven, and a sister named Lexie. She and her siblings were raised by her grandmother when she was nine years old after her mother was faced with financial difficulties.

Renner admitted that as she grew older, she rebelled because of her grandmother’s strict parenting. She frequently sneaked out to enjoy vodka with her peers.

She saw her father once in a while while she was growing up, and it wasn’t until 2015 that she felt a strong connection with him. Her father had a drinking problem.

The social media superstar admitted that she still struggled with trauma because her parents were not present in her life. For Renner and her siblings, soccer was an important component of their lifestyle.

Brittany Renner Body Count

Renner made headlines in 2018 after she admitted to having an affair with a couple of high-profile figures in the entertainment business.

She revealed that she had previously slept with “eleven athletes, five entertainers, and eight regular men” during an Instagram live session. The posing question right now is how does she look back at things now?

She recently shared that most of these men wanted her for the wrong reasons, and when she looks at the list of athletes she slept with, she isn’t able to resist feeling disgusted.

She now feels that not even one of them deserves her body. Renner says, “When I look at the list of people I shared my body with, I find it disgusting since they didn’t deserve it, but that was a result of me undervaluing myself.”

She proceeded to say that she needed to have serious conversations with herself and start conducting herself in a manner that would draw the man she desired.

Even though she regrets her past, she has suffered mental distress because of worrying about how other people perceive her. Nevertheless, she is aware that how other people view her is not a perfect representation of her.

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Brittany Renner Baby Daddy

We are not sure when Renner and P.J. started dating, but speculations of their alleged relationship started going around in February 2019.

Renner has stated in previous interviews that she and PJ first met when she was 26 and PJ was only 20 years old.

Their age gap, according to Renner, was a major factor in their failure to communicate well, and they had a lot of toxic behavior from their background to “unlearn.”

Sad to say that Brittany and Washington separated in March 2021, not long after welcoming their gorgeous son, Paul Jamaine Washington III.

She said that after learning she was pregnant at seven months, Washington forced her out of their Charlotte home. P.J. revealed that they had broken up in July of that year after tweeting and then deleting a statement that Renner had been “faking it all along.”

Many online critics have dubbed her a gold-digger and criticized her for using their son to defraud the young basketball star of money. Renner, however, refuted those allegations in a tense interview with DJ Akademiks in November 2021.

Despite the difficulties in their relationship, it appears that things have gotten better over the last 12 months. Renner congratulated Washington back in August after he proposed to his new model girlfriend Alisah Chanel.

Brittany Renner’s Net Worth

Renner has an estimated net worth of $500,000. She generates her income from her business ventures.

Where is Brittany From?

Brittany is a native of Mississippi. She was born and raised in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and then moved to Los Angeles, California, where she rose to fame in the social media and fitness world.

How Many Books Has Brittany Published?

Brittany is the author of Judge This Cover book. The book details the experiences of a woman whom some loved and despised by different people.

How many children does Brittany Renner have?

Brittany has only one child with her baby daddy, P.J. Washington. A report that Renner was receiving 200,000 in child support caused social media to go wild in September 2021.

It also resulted in the viral parody of Washington to the viral mockery of Washington.

What was the age gap between Brittany Renner and PJ Washington?

The age gap between Brittany and PJ is 6 years. Their communication problems, according to Renner, were largely caused by their difference in ages.

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Brittany Have a Boyfriend?

Brittany is not in a relationship with anyone at the moment. Keep hovering because we shall update you as soon as she reveals her boyfriend.

Which College Did Renner Attend?

Renner was a student at Jackson State University where she also played soccer.

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