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1K Phew

About 1K Phew

1K Phew is a Christian rapper. He stands out as part of a new generation of Atlanta artists who have successfully elevated the trap sensibility. His emotive voice tone and silky delivery go perfectly with the upbeat, vibrant production that characterizes his sound.

Seeing him develop from a swagger-filled local rapper to a compelling singer with insight has been a welcome change of pace. Sure, he’s entertaining and captivating, but he’s so much more. Phew has a lot of swag and wisdom to share, as shown by his mixtapes Sunday Night (2015) and Life (2016), and people are starting to relate to his open style.

His music has a certain openness to it, a polished rawness that can only be attained from practice and skill development. His rising profile is a clear indication of his commitment to sharing his experience, and his audience responds well to this kind of sincere directness.

1K Phew is a Native of Atlanta, Georgia

Phew (29 years old) was born on May 20, 1994, in Atlanta, Georgia. He was raised by two devout parents who supported him in his skills and talent, so he had it better than others of his friends, but even so, as a teenager, he discovered that he was heading in the wrong direction.

Not until he and his friends were on the verge of being shot one day did Phew make the decision to fully give his life to God and His purpose. He was already into rap by his mid-teens, but he was constantly running into problems on the streets.

The teenager made a life-changing decision to follow a life committed to faith, which he reflected in his songs, following an incident in which he and his friends were shot at and luckily avoided death. Even as he edged closer to adulthood, the young musician continued to toy with danger.

They were once in a deal that almost sent them to the grave. They were supposed to sell marijuana which in turn could help them get additional money for college quickly went south. Phew and his group were forced to leave the area, rushing through the streets of the city and avoiding approaching cars as gunshots could be heard in the distance.

1K Phew Real Name

His real name is Isaac Gordon. According to him, 1K Phew got its name from “being 1000% genuine and true to himself, regardless. He says; “We maintain it at 1000 even though they advise keeping it at 100.”

1K Phew

The Phew section is an abbreviation for nephew since the older heads in his childhood used to hang out with nicknamed them younger ones, nephews.

1K Phew Girlfriend

Phew is currently in a relationship with his beautiful girlfriend named Jasmine. They dated for 8 years before he proposed to her in October 2018. Everyone was left surprised as Phew took the stage at Praise In The Park and brought Jasmine in front of the people.

The audience started cheering and proposed to his girlfriend. The crowd went wild as he went down on his knees and she said yes. The two lovers are still together up to date.

1K Phew Net Worth

Phew has an estimated net worth of $500,000. He generates his income from his career as a rapper. Actually, his career in music happens to be his primary source of income.

1K Phew Songs

♦King Jesus
♦Save Us
♦One Call
♦How We Coming
♦Sticks and Stones
♦Saved Me
♦My Bruddas
♦Drip Lee
♦On Fire
♦Church House Trap House
♦We Did It
♦As I Am
♦More On The Way
♦Amen Again
♦What We Gon’ Do
♦Toxic Temptation

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